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Summer Garden Seed Kit

Product image 1Summer Garden Seed Kit
Product image 2Summer Garden Seed Kit
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The snow has melted, the blooms are blooming and it's finally time to get out in the sun and plant your summer garden. Yes, the classic varieties of vegetables that, themselves, define summer. That's why we created the Summer Garden Seed Kit. A sensational selection of 7 packs of your favorite summer vegetable seeds.  The Summer Garden Seed Kit includes:

Cucumber. Summer Garden Seed Kit. Cucumber Seeds Classic cuke. Heat tolerant and disease resistant. Huge producer.
Squash Seeds.  Summer Garden Seed Kit. Summer Squash Seeds Summer squash standard. Yellow crookneck heirloom.
Watermelon Seeds.  Summer Garden Seed Kit. Watermelon Seeds Grow huge melons with the sweetest deep red flesh.
Zucchini Seeds.  Summer Garden Seed Kit. Zucchini Seeds Zupendous. Huge producer, easy to grow with edible flowers.
Sweet Corn Seeds.  Summer Garden Seed Kit. Sweet Corn Seeds Sweet Carolina.  This super sweet corn variety may not make it inside.
Bush Beans Seeds.  Summer Garden Seed Kit. Bush Beans Seeds Easiest green beans to grow. No trellis required. Heirloom variety.
Okra Seeds.  Summer Garden Seed Kit. Okra Seeds Okra home-a.  The most popular okra variety in backyard gardens.

Plus, learn how to grow your summer garden with our famous Garden 1.0 Growing Guide - the essential illustrated guide for growing your first vegetable garden. Our seeds are non-GMO and grown in the USA. And for every pack of seeds we sell, we donate one to someone in need.  Grow one, Give one.

Organic & Non-GMO Seeds.

There is a lot of confusion in the marketplace around organic and non-GMO seeds. Customers ask: should I use organic seeds?  What about non-GMO seeds? Here's what you need to know in a nutshell.  

A seed is a genetic blueprint of a plant. Genetic modification results in something that nature couldn't create. A common alteration is to make a plant variety resistant to herbicide. However, trait crossing is more commonly seen today - ie a tomato crossed with salmon DNA to achieve cold tolerance. Yuck. Genetic modification can affect DNA of the person consuming the food. No thanks. That's why we only sell non-GMO seeds. Period, end of story.

What about Organic? Organic refers to how the seed was grown. Was the plant exposed to synthetic herbicides and pesticides. Seeds are harvested from the inside of the plant that was grown. Does an organic seed have a different genetic blueprint? No. Does an organic seed make your food any safer? No.

The safety of the food you grow is influenced not by the place it was, but the place it is. If you use glyphosate, Seven Dust or other toxic material on your vegetables, it will be directly absorbed by the plant and/or reside on the plant —  the food you eat. If chemical free is your objective - its how you grow that matters. You can have the most organic-est seed but put chemicals on it — did the USDA Organic Label really matter? If you have a non USDA Organic seed and grow organically — is unsafe to eat? No. 

Bottom line: Non-GMO is what you grow, Organic is about how you grow. Now you know. Grow MAURO.

Give one. 

MAURO is a leading provider of non-GMO garden seeds.

When you buy garden seeds from MAURO, not only do you get great garden seeds, but you support a great cause. Forbes, USA Today and The Organic & Non-GMO Report have profiled our company and our mission. We put our heart and soul into this business to help others. Give back with each pack and grow your best summer garden with MAURO.
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